Hello boss! Do you know Malaysia is top 10 exporters for furniture? Ang mor lang (Caucasian) like our furniture, why you don’t like?

Malaysian often buy furniture from overseas but rarely bat an eye on furniture produced locally. Haiyaaaa, actually we are also very good contenders ok?

Fuku Studio is proud to present: MIZUNO ! Designed by Malaysian and also manufactured right here locally!

First thing first, let me introduce you to the designer of Mizuno, Quito.


Graduated from Raffles with Interior Design and Interior Architecture, Quito has been in the industry for more than 8 years. Throughout his design career, he had worked with different furniture brands to build his portfolio.

“My designs are greatly influenced by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy. His ideology significantly influenced me to create furniture with harmony and unity, capable of complimenting the surrounding living space.” – Quito

The Inspiration

Q: “What was the inspiration behind Mizuno?”

“Mizuno was inspired by nature. One day while watering the plants in our studio, the water droplets on the leaves rippled an idea in my head. I was taken aback by the beauty of a simple water droplet and instantly thought about the elegant Lotus Flower.

Lotus flower’s roots latched in mud, but is still able to always re-blooms miraculously sparkling clean the next day. The idea of refusal of defeat in a bad situation inspired me to draw my first draft of a few coffee and side tables with the petals of the lotus flower as my inspiration. After a few amendments, the final product “MIZUNO” was born.”


Inspired by the Chinese idiom “步步高升” (to rise steadily), the layering of Mizuno stacking together harmoniously was created.

“Take small steps and eventually you will get there.”

“Mizuno is special to me because it shows my journey as a designer. I believe that every step that I take today will eventually bring my designs to the world.” – Quito.

Constructed from plywood and solid wood with ash veneer finish, Mizuno provides a lively grain and natural appearance to your modern aesthetic space. The sleek black lines in between creates a contrast between the wood texture and the solid bottom.

Our brains are drawn to circular forms and curved lines which are associated with safety and calm. Hence, the rounded edges of Mizuno is designed to add softness and zen to your living space. The rounded edges will also give a sense of safety to families with child.

The plywood used for Mizuno is manufactured with a moisture resistant proof bond which will delay the process of splitting and rotting.

Quality Assurance

Mizuno is fully manufactured locally. Furniture manufactured by Fuku Studio is not just stylish, but also extremely strong and long-lasting.

During the production process, the designer himself, Quito will visit the factory to ensure the plywood used for the item meets the standards of the brand. Any defects are quickly identified to ensure there are no issues for the end product.

The carpenter for the production of Mizuno also works closely with Quito for any suggestions to improve the design to ensure the design is long-lasting and practical for any space.

After the production is completed, the team will then make sure there are no visual defects, the sturdiness of the coffee tables and the dimensions of the items are accurate.

Mizuno set is a one of kind coffee table and side table. Each set of Mizuno is made to order. 

Is the set too big for your room? Mizuno looks amazing by itself too! 

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